Sunday 19 April 2015


Over the past couple of years I have been obsessed with the filling pieces instagram (@fillingpieces ) it's so slick and well photographed, I have had my heart set on getting a pair for so long but never got round to getting some, So on my birthday a couple of weeks back Lydia took me down to Box Park in Shorditch where they hold a few pairs from the collection. She treated me to the classic low top perforated style which they offer all year round a lot of there styles cycle in and out so they hold exclusivity. I also treated myself to some Bvlgari Sunglasses as we are fast approaching summer so all in all a very spoilt boy this year. accessorised with thread etiquette a go to company for all kinds of wrist attire! -AG

Monday 13 April 2015


It was time to bring out the fresh clean cut summer colours last week, the sun was shinning and the summer vibes where in full flow, Ok still a little chilly but none the less the suns bright glow made it certainly feel like summer, I was heading out for lunch with my partner so I wanted something smart casual to wear, I teamed this washed denim shirt with my white biker jeans and some tanned desert boots, I can't not accessories so I had to add in Thread Etiquettes stylish anchor bracelet and maverick noir watch to finish off the look. Lunch was good & the company even better, Hope you all are having a great week. AG

Wednesday 8 April 2015

Cut & Sew

Sik Silk bringing luxury to a casual outfit, the quality and feel to their clothing is second to none, I feel so comfortable chilling out in this gear. teamed with the Y-3 kicks I'm kinda never changing out of this outfit. haha. AG

Sunday 29 March 2015

Sunrise Yoga & Breakfast with Alpro

So what feels like only yesterday was actually a couple of weeks ago, Myself and Lydia had the pleasure of attending an amazing event at one of Europe's tallest buildings at 1,016ft tall The Shard in central London was more than the ideal location to wake up to some sunrise yoga, The session with the fabulous Amy Slevin who took us through 26 moves to represent each calorie consumed in Unsweetened Almond Drink took us up to a gorgeous breakfast where we indulged in super foods, smoothies & pancakes. During breakfast we had the pleasure of listening to Vogue's top health & well-being expert, Calgary Avansino who spoke about her views on healthy eating and a lifestyle with more plant based meals. 

This takes me on nicely to talk about the changes I made in my diet from dairy to nut based drinks. After talks with my coach Paul.Burgess and looking at the responses my body had during the consumption of dairy products, he suggested moving across to Almond milk as an alternative in my coffees, cereals and pancakes (these being my main uses for milk) After picking myself up a carton of Alpro from the local shop I have never looked back since, without blabbering on with the endless benefits to Almond milk here are the main reasons for my switch :

Weight loss management ( The overall reduced calorie content per serving )
Its low Glycemic index ( keeping control of sugar levels to avoid fat storage ) 
High Vitamin B content (riboflavin & iron helps muscle healing & recovery ) 
It doesn't contain Lactose  ( I can't say I'm intolerant but i feel less bloated after )

If you haven't tried the alternatives to dairy products I strongly suggest giving Alpros Unsweetened choice a go It has the lowest calorie content on the market and you can thank me later when your skins glowing and are making more steps towards an attainable healthy lifestyle. 

Thank you Alpo for such an incredible experience  - AG  

Friday 27 March 2015

Glass View

It isn't always black on black up in here! Dropping in some lighter shades feeling the summer vibes already. Looking forward to SS15 and White jeans are going to be sticking around until the shorts make an appearance for me. All links attached to the product listing below the last image click straight through to the items. Stay safe. AG

Sunday 22 March 2015


Simple comfortable & clean cut is how this outfit made me feel. I'm loving the stretch fabrics companies are using more and more regally at the moment they just feel so so easy & make wearing skinny or slim fits more achievable hahaha, sometimes the stiff style denims are super uncomfortable to walk around in the quad region as there's no give. Next time you're out hunting denims take a feel of the different fabrics being offered, even a textured coating can cause a jean to fit & feel so differently. Being a man I am partial to shrinking the odd item of clothing every now & then so I need to be super careful with stretch fabrics as there very susceptible to shrinking up, avoid the tumble dryer & hang dry seems to help prevent such disaster, I will keep reminding myself of this as I pull out Items that look fit for a 6year old haha.  Take care - AG